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Sarasota Film Festival Projection

Sarasota Film Festival Opening Night

An inspiring film. Epic food and drinks. Catchy live tunes. Must have been opening night at the Sarasota Film Festival! 



We were honored to be a part of the big kickoff for this year's lineup of stellar films. It was a beautiful night under the twinkle lights surrounded by good company. The rain cleared up just in time, giving us beautiful weather with comfortable temperatures and a refreshing breeze. Just another magical Florida night!


Each of our tables was set up with signature food and local favorites.



Louies Modern’s Smoked Trout Deviled Eggs were the perfect grab-go-enjoy delight for the mixers and minglers, and for those looking to grab a plate: our famous charcuterie board.



Muse and Libby’s Cafe + Bar served up some of their classic menu items as well. The almond butter hummus and plantain chips were a huge hit with our guests. The Cured Norwegian Salmon was the a highlighted topic for the night and people couldn't get enough. 




Modern Events’ final touches made the entire evening a smashing, beautiful success.



The Sarasota Film Festival is a feast for the soul, and we are so excited to be sharing some culinary magic along the way. Keep an eye out for us this week. We’ll see you around the Sarasota Opera!