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Cool Down with a Cocktail

Cool Down with a Cocktail

Ohhhh, summer daze... The sun is shining, the weather is warm, and the vibes are flowing.

In our little peninsula of paradise, Sarasota summers can be hot and humid. Don't worry... We're here to keep you calm, collected, and cool (literally). 

Every Tuesday night during the summer, cool down at Louies Modern with C4: Cool, Custom, Crafted Cocktails. It's time to be the bartender! You get to choose two or more words from our specially curated menu to create your personally made drink. Feelin' spicy and sweet? Go for it. Want some suga and salt? You do you! You have the freedom to drink whatever you want in this world! #soinspiring



While Tuesdays are our days to shine, you can come in and request our C4 menu any day of the week. That's our little secret.

We love seeing our guests involved in our social media pages. If you get an awesome C4 drink, snap a picture and post it using the hashtag #C4Louies. When you show your bartender your incredible picture, you'll get a little something extra with your dinner. 

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Who knew summer could be so cool?


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